Blue Hill

Welcome to The Story of Blue Hill

Frank, spent some part of every year of his life in the hamlet of Claryville, NY. When his great aunt left the family property to him, upon her passing he built his home. Frank's passion for building and improving things inspired his purchase and resurrection of the once locally famous Blue Hill Lodge. He totally gutted and rebuilt all the buildings with lumber that was harvested from his nearby estate. In 2006 the Blue Hill Cafe and Deli and Grocery was born. Three years later the restaurant, motel rooms, and the Blue Hill Wines and Spirits opened. Frank continued to focus on the development of the property. With the opening of the Claryville Art Center in 2014 and the Claryville Event Center 2015, Frank is concentrating on completing his brewery project, which is between the Art Center and the Event Center. 

Irina Nicoletti has devoted the last few years to the development of the business and is the face of the Blue Hill Café.   She is there most weekends to greet the customers, most of whom she knows personally.  Before her marirage to Frank in 2009, Irina spent the last 20 years in fashion on Madison Avenue working for Valentino and other famous designers.  Irina’s charm and beauty, Chef Willy’s cooking and his wife, Savannah’s business acumen and personal style, make an unbeatable team, bringing class, sophistication and delicious food in what is a beautiful, but still rural environment.  Irina, Willy, Savannah and little Santino, are a close team and they are the essence of the Blue Hill business.